Friday, June 19, 2009

Karmavore at Sapperton Days 2009

Karmavore managed to get setup just in time for Sapperton Days 2009, which drew an attendance of an estimated 13,000 people!

We gave out lots of free vegan goodies including AMI vegan cat and dog food, local organic vegan chocolate from Organic Fair, local vegan cheese cake (Chi Cake), and a great new Canadian organic snack called Yumpeez! All of our samples were gobbled up delightfully and we drew in many people to our store, which was fortunately positioned just behind our tent area on the street! We were also able to hand out many information sheets on going veg!

Inside our store we put on display a sample selection of our products ranging from footwear, belts, wallets, shirts, buttons, stickers, animal companion food and treats, and of course snacks!

This was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness and promote a cruelty free vegan lifestyle.

Special thanks to our very dear friends who helped us make this day happen and to everyone that ventured into our store and provided us with such great encouragement and positive feedback.

*Photo credits to festival photographers Nancy Matheson & Geoff Pinkerton


  1. The Dill pickle Yumpeez were SOOO good!

  2. What a fun day! Can't wait for opening day July 1st :)