Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Karmavore Vegan Retail Store to Open in Metro Vancouver!

We are excited to announce the opening of the new Karmavore Vegan Shop retail store, set for July 1st, 2009!

The store will be located at 468 East Columbia Street in the historic Sapperton area in New Westminster, BC!

Although this will be a small boutique shop, it will still pack a punch and carry our complete product line!

We will be having a one day preview store opening sale on Sunday June 14th, 2009, as we take part in a local Sapperton Days festival. We will then open the store full-time as of July 1st, 2009, as a happy Canada Day present =)

Finally, Vancouver will get an all Vegan Variety store featuring footwear, fashion, animal companion supplies, stickers, buttons, shirts, personal care items, as well as frozen and refrigerated food & treats!

Stay tuned for pictures and more details to come very soon!


  1. omygod! so excited!

  2. WOW! karmavore looks great. What a great selection. Cant wait for opening day :)

  3. Wooohoo!! I can't wait to buy vegan marshmallows!
    PS: You better have 'em!!
    PPS: Everyone, please don't buy them all before I get there.

  4. YAY! and near where I live too.

  5. teehee! marshmallows!! woot woot!! down with the gelatin! can't wait to check it out!!