Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calling all Vegans!

Hearts on Noses is a registered non-profit society in Maple Ridge, BC, that rescues, rehabilitates and cares for unwanted, injured, orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned mini-pigs.

Between the recession and the H1N1 virus, we have found it tougher than usual to get donations for our pigs, and haven¹t had much success at our fundraisers.

So we are finding ourselves in a position to have to ask for help.

The help we are looking for is two-fold. If you live in the Maple Ridge area, we could sure use volunteers to be of service to our pigs, not only do they love company, but they also appreciate clean bedding, dishes full of food and Janice does not have much help.

The other help needed is financial. Please consider sponsoring a pig or two. Or think of us when you are considering fundraisers, every penny helps.

In desperation, Janice, the owner and sole provider of the pigs, has taken out an ad asking for volunteers and financial support, and thus had to spend money in the hopes of it paying off.

Hearts on Noses is a wonderful sanctuary, we really want to see some of the burdon off Janice¹s shoulders and so we are asking animal lovers to help out.

As you are vegan, we don¹t have to tell you that pigs are incredible, loving, intelligent and deserving of love, shelter and security. But you may not have known about Hearts on Noses, or about the hardship Janice endures so that her pigs are safe.

It¹s my hope that we can show Hearts on Noses that they re not alone in loving such a special species, and that, while not everyone can open up their home to unwanted pigs, we can all reach into our wallets and pull out a few dollars and send it to Hearts on Noses.

The pigs thank you for reading this, and I thank you as well.


Caroline Archer
On behalf of Janice of Hearts on Noses <>

Hearts on Noses accepts paypal and major Credit cards.

Keep pork off your fork!!!
Slogan by Janice Gillett


  1. Your awesome, thank you so much!!!

    Hearts On Noses

  2. Thanks you guys! I have sent Janice a donation and let her know I am available for a day of volunteering if she needs the help.


  3. Your awesome!!! And we really lucked out again when CBC came here pretty well unannounced to do a interview so they tell me it will be aired on Sunday at 11:00 am .

    I hope they don't cut out Rose, she is so beautful.