Friday, December 11, 2009

Fundraising Event a Success

Thanks to everyone who came out for this fabulous event! We raised $1,019.85 total for Hearts on Noses! Thank you all for contributing so generously!

The chilly temperatures didn't seem to slow anyone down, and the cold was soon forgotten
with Sarah Kramer's warm smile and greeting for everyone. We also had an unexpected treat when Bif Naked showed up for the event. Thanks for coming Bif, it was great to see you!

And of course we have to thank Sarah Kramer again for joining us in store, signing calendars and cookbooks, and just for being so much fun!

If you didn't get a copy of one of Sarah's cookbooks on Saturday, we do have a few signed copies of La Dolce Vegan, How it All Vegan, and The Garden of Vegan in the store for sale. We also still have copies of her calendar just in case you thought of someone else who might enjoy it for 2010.

I hope everyone got to sample from the vegan hors d'oeuvres provided by Vegan Mania and the cupcakes baked by the Vancouver Vegan Cupcake Queen. Thank you Christa and Cera for providing the treats.

I think a good time was had by all, and with the store wide discount many of you stocked up on your favourites. Thanks again to all for making our fundraiser such a success!


  1. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful fundraiser! It was a pleasure to be part of it :-)

    Great work in raising over $1000 for Hearts on Noses. You guys are the best!!

  2. Your all awesome!!!!!!! HUGE help and when i am unpakced I must make a trip in to meet you all, your support is amazing!

    The reason for my not attending is oofing behind me here expecting room service on the hour. lol Mouse is now spayed and the 35lb tumour is out of her prideful pot belly. She is doing well, and is accepting life in the big house with ease. She gets herself all covered with the blankets just as if i had tucked her in myslef.
    Thank you all for what you did for us here!!