Friday, February 5, 2010

PETA seeking help for Seal Hunt Demonstrations

PETA is looking for an activist to help campaigner Virginia Fort with an upcoming events in the BC area. The events details are below. If anyone is interested in any or all three of these opportunities please notify Sarah Gawricki (see contact info below) as soon as possible, as they need to find someone soon!

Here are the details as forwarded to us from PETA.

  • Feb 10th 12-1pm
    Vancouver, BC Giant Seal Demonstration. We need someone to help us set up the giant seal and pass out materials. This will be our most important demonstration, so you do not want to miss it!

    Please let me know as soon as you can if you can make it. Thanks so much!

Sarah Gawricki
Assistant Action Team Coordinator, PETA


  1. will peta have some one dressed up as a seal in surrey vancouver coquitlam and port coquitlam

  2. PETA advises the previously scheduled Surrey and Kelowna events have been canceled.