Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Cow Ribbon

Liberation BC is offering a cow patterned ribbon for Mother's Day. Wearing the Cow Ribbon is a way to remember and bring attention to the plight of dairy cows. These mothers have their newborn calves taken away from them; the males are taken to be sold as veal calves, or they may be discarded.

With a $5 donation to Liberation BC, you'll receive a Cow Ribbon pin. The donation goes to help Liberation BC with their outreach work that raises awareness about the plight of animals in our society.

Purchase a ribbon to give to your mom (or to wear yourself if you are a mom!) as a way to bring attention to and to remember the life of a dairy cow.

You can pick up a Cow Ribbon at karmavore (468 E. Columbia St in New Westminster), or you can order directly by going to

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