Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Westminster Pride Festival

New Westminster's Royal City Pride Society is holding its first Pride Festival!

With the title of Diversity: Celebrating our Chosen Families, the festival opens with a reception on Tuesday, August 3rd, and ends Sunday, August 8th with a concert featuring many performers, contests, and more. Visit the various venues throughout the week to enjoy, celebrate, and participate in all this festival has to offer.

More information about daily events can be found on the Royal City Pride website.

There may be some Karmavore prizes to be won as well!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vancouver's Pride Parade & Festival

Sunday, August 1st is Vancouver's Pride Parade & Festival. After the parade, visit the festival at Sunset Beach. This year there will be a booth providing information on being vegan, and all issues related to animal rights.

From A United Abolitionist Voice for Nonhuman Animals:

Visit us at the Sunset Beach Pride Festival as we seek to raise awareness about those in our community whose liberation cannot yet be celebrated. You will have the opportunity to look through beautifully-crafted books about the individuality of the animals whom we keep in farms, zoos, and shelters. There will be award-winning books on vegan cooking and nutrition, informative handouts on animal rights and on veganism as an ethical imperative, and pamphlets exploring the myth that the exploitation of animals can ever be "humane." Hope to see you there!
Who: A United Abolitionist Voice for Nonhuman Animals
Where: Sunset Beach Pride Festival
Date: Sunday August 1, 2010
Time : 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday, July 16, 2010

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary provides a home for rescued farm animals and promotes a vegan lifestyle through their outreach work.

Currently, they have a fundraising campaign to run ads, like the one above, in the Vancouver area as a way to educate the public about milk and egg production. The goal is to have these ads on buses and online potentially reaching thousands of people.

You can visit the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary website to help out and/or learn more.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ARME'S Auction for Animals

ARME (Animal Rescue Media Education) rescues homeless animals, and works to educate the public through their award winning films (Behind the Mask and Skintrade)

Currently, they are holding a silent auction. You can bid on some fabulous items, including a $100.00 gift certificate for online shopping at Karmavore.

Go to the auction website here and enter skintrade as the auction username and password to view items up for bid.

The bidding is already underway, and you have until July 31st at 11:00 PM PDT to enter a bid.

From the ARME website:
Proceeds from this auction will be used to save animals from death row in Southern California, as well as assist us in continuing to make award-winning documentary films that expose the horrors of the animal-abusing industries.
For more information, please visit the ARME website.

Friday, July 9, 2010

VHS Action Alert

From the Vancouver Humane Society's Action Alert notice:

Please join us for an Animal Rights Community Dialogue focused on
using fun and entertainment for outreach.

Do you want to see fun and exciting outreach events happen in Vancouver? Do you have ideas for music, theater, poetry, or art performances that promote compassion for animals?

Join other like-minded activists and passionate animal-lovers in creating and planning outreach events that go beyond the ordinary.

Join the discussion whether you have ideas, skills, or talents you would like put to use, or just want to help. Everyone is welcome. This is the second of this series of animal rights community dialogues hosted by Liberation BC. The first event produced many ideas for ways we can work together to achieve our goals. At the conclusion of that event we determined the topics for the next 4 events. The 3 events happening later this year will be:

1. Developing a local information hub: who, what, why, and how?
2. Educating ourselves: becoming better activists through education and practice
3. What is our message?

These all promise to be exciting and fruitful discussions. These are not specifically Liberation BC events or projects. The idea of these community dialogues is to bring the community together to create together – beyond any single group or coalition. We hope that these events serve to create a stronger, more vibrant, and more effective animal rights community in Vancouver.

Radha will be providing their beautiful space for this event, so join us, grab a cup of chai, and let's get the conversation going.

Admission is $5 and there are 50 spaces available. Please register now at

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, though, so if you are unable to afford the admission, please just email Glenn ( and he will take care of it. Also, if you have no credit card (or hate Paypal) and would like to pay at the event, please also get in touch with Glenn.

NOTE: This event is happening when Radha is closed. There will be drinks and some cookies available, but no "real" food.