Friday, July 9, 2010

VHS Action Alert

From the Vancouver Humane Society's Action Alert notice:

Please join us for an Animal Rights Community Dialogue focused on
using fun and entertainment for outreach.

Do you want to see fun and exciting outreach events happen in Vancouver? Do you have ideas for music, theater, poetry, or art performances that promote compassion for animals?

Join other like-minded activists and passionate animal-lovers in creating and planning outreach events that go beyond the ordinary.

Join the discussion whether you have ideas, skills, or talents you would like put to use, or just want to help. Everyone is welcome. This is the second of this series of animal rights community dialogues hosted by Liberation BC. The first event produced many ideas for ways we can work together to achieve our goals. At the conclusion of that event we determined the topics for the next 4 events. The 3 events happening later this year will be:

1. Developing a local information hub: who, what, why, and how?
2. Educating ourselves: becoming better activists through education and practice
3. What is our message?

These all promise to be exciting and fruitful discussions. These are not specifically Liberation BC events or projects. The idea of these community dialogues is to bring the community together to create together – beyond any single group or coalition. We hope that these events serve to create a stronger, more vibrant, and more effective animal rights community in Vancouver.

Radha will be providing their beautiful space for this event, so join us, grab a cup of chai, and let's get the conversation going.

Admission is $5 and there are 50 spaces available. Please register now at

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, though, so if you are unable to afford the admission, please just email Glenn ( and he will take care of it. Also, if you have no credit card (or hate Paypal) and would like to pay at the event, please also get in touch with Glenn.

NOTE: This event is happening when Radha is closed. There will be drinks and some cookies available, but no "real" food.

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