Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vegan Organic Local Wines in Vancouver, BC

One often difficult search for vegans is finding cruelty free wine.

What's wrong with wine you say?

Well, wine is clarified, or cleared, after fermentation, and for some unnecessary and barbaric
voodoo like reason, a bizarre assortment of animal components are most often used, such as:

- edible gelatins (made from bones)
- isinglass (made from the swim bladders of fish)
- casein and potassium caseinate (milk proteins)
- animal albumin (egg albumin and dried blood powder)

Yuckety yuck yuck yuckerson!

Fortunately in BC, we have two absolutely wonderful local wine companies to choose from! (we have contacted and verified with both of these suppliers that all of the wines they produce are 100% vegan)

Lotusland Vineyards (website:

Nestled in the Fraser Valley surrounded by snow topped mountains and just 27 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, Lotusland's three and one half hectare vineyard offers not only spectacular views, but also the
perfect coastal climate for growing some of the world's finest wine grapes.

Deep Creek Wine Estate (Hainle) (website:

Deep Creek Wine Estate & Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery are located in the sunny Okanagan wine region of British Columbia, Canada. The winery has a strong commitment to natural chemical free viticulture and handcrafted winemaking. Our own vineyards are managed naturally chemical free. All of our growing and cellar practices are traditional according to the Huber family wine purity law of 1856. The Huber family wine purity laws which exceed Canadian and International certified Organic winemaking standards have been followed in every aspect of winegrowing and winemaking since the Huber family bought Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery in 2002. We are dedicated to producing the highest possible quality, naturally dry, fully fermented wines.

Where to Buy
Your best bet is to visit the websites for each above wineries as their supplies will change often.

But as of today, here are some centrally located suppliers in Metro Vancouver:

Liquor Depot
4125 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC
(604) 298-4624

Brewery Creek Liquor Store
3045 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-3373


  1. Thats great! I will be checking these out for sure. Great post.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. also - try french rabbit. not local, but all vegan. nice price and also available at govt stores!