Friday, April 29, 2011

$10k for Animals, 10% for YOU!

Over the past year, you've helped us raise $10,401.75 for animals!

Yes really!!

Some of the major accomplishments made possible through these funds include the following:
  1. $2112.14 to the Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary
  2. $1,092.29 to the BC Poodle & Small Dog Rescue
  3. $1447 to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
  4. $2,104.00 to rescue Karma the Horse through Hope Farm Delta
  5. $531.89 contributed to the Farm Sanctuary 2010 Walk for Farm Animals
The remainder was distributed to a wide variety of animal rights groups, clubs, prizes for fundraiser events and bake sales for animals, wildlife rescue and animal sanctuaries.

These funds were made possible through generous donations, fundraiser events, as well as the Karmavore 10% to animal charity program.

On behalf of the animals, we'd like to thank all of you for helping us make this possible with a little reward for yourself, 10% OFF anything in the store! This offer is valid online and in-store April 29 through May 2! If shopping online use coupon code 10k4animals (please note this offer applies to new purchases only, any orders or purchases already made do not qualify for the discount)

Redeem your 10% reward

Thank you again and let's continue to work together and make a difference for animals!

Veganly yours,
The Karmavores