Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Karma + Erica

Most of you will remember Karma, the handsome colt rescued through Hope Farm Delta and Karmvavore fundraising efforts.

Karma is doing very well since his life saving surgery and has grown into a handsome, fast, and healthy horse!

He has also found his new forever home where he will be placed in January, with Erica, where he will be loved and taken care of.

Janet Friesen of Hope Farm Delta, who has been the single most important person of this effort, has taken care of and raised Karma, including all transport and veterinary arrangements, and finding him his suitable forever home. Here is an update from Janet:

Karma is an amazingly confident, brave and
intelligent fellow. He is getting quite muscular and of course, beautiful. He loves to play and run very fast. He tests my 24 year old gelding's patience, but nothing is more patient than a horse. A lot of the time he is just quiet and taking in all the information. He is still happy to hang around people even when the herd is far away. He really connects with Erica and her parents. Her father says he has seen a thousand colts but none with Karma's brain. He acts like he is a much older horse, except for teething on his lead rope. He has a wonderful, calm mind and spirit and the name Karma befits his noble being. He has an old soul. I think he is on a wonderful path and will be happy at his new home. Thank-you to everyone who helped him, especially Salim and Jenn. You are generous beyond imagination.

Thank you Janet for everything you have done for Karma! You have not only saved his life but also given him a warm and loving upbringing, and ensured his happiness in a good home.

For those that wish to help make a contribution to Hope Farm Delta, you may contact Janet at hopefarm@eastlink.ca

Janet also wishes to mention the following Horse Rescue organizations that could also use your help!